If you do not see your particular year/make/model/bodystyle on the list below, we most likely do not tune it, but please feel free to contact the shop to verify.  



             2009-2017 CTS-V

             2007-2017 Escalade



            2010-2020 Camaro, Camaro SS, ZL1  

            1998-2019 Corvette, ZR1, Z06

            1998-2020  Silverado and Sierra gas only

            Currently 2017-2020 models require additional fees to unlock and tune TCU


            2006-2014 300C and 300 SRT8 2WD-ask about AWD vehicles


            2006-2019 Hellcats, Challengers, Chargers 

            Will only tune using HP Tuners

            Please be aware that all 2015 and newer vehicles will require the owner to send off the ECU                to be unlocked prior to tuning by HP Tuners

            There will additional fees to license TCM if needed

            For gas trucks, please contact shop


           1988-1993 & 1996-2004 including Cobras, Terminators, SVT tune with SCT chip or SCT X4.  

           2005-2010 Mustangs will need a handheld please call to verify which one

           2011 and newer Mustangs need a handheld please call to verify which one   

           WE DO NOT TUNE ECOBOOST  VEHICLES at this time as it requires additional training

FORD F150/250 (gas only trucks)

          Coyote motors need a handheld, please call to verify which one

FORD LIGHTNING SVT depending on year require an SCT chip or and SCT X4

JEEP  2007-2014 2 wheel drive Grand Cherokee only-please ask about AWD vehicles

         2015-2018 Grand Cherokee please contact shop as ECU does need to be unlocked prior to tuning


         2004-2009 GTO AND G8 GT/GXP 


        Must be gas only, no diesel

        Trucks must be single cab with a short bed in order to DYNO tune

        Extended cab/crew cab that are naturally aspirated can be street tuned only

        Lifted Trucks that are not off-road vehicles and are naturally aspirated can be street tuned only

        We do not tune Prerunners or Off-road vehicles

        Let shop know if your truck is lowered or lifted

 AWD vehicles please call the shop for assistance with tuning questions

We do not tune any OBD1 ports or carbureted vehicles

We do not tune Sandrails

Please call if you have an engine swap-we will need to know what year/make/model vehicle the engine swap is going into.  We are extremely narrow in what we will tune with a engine swap.

All vehicles being dyno tuned must have doors that open like they came from factory and rear spoilers cannot extend more than 6 inches from trunk lid outward (not upward).

Specialty Vehicles:

**Specialty vehicle tuning is limited.  Specialty vehicles must be naturally aspirated, 2 wheel drive, street legal with DOT approved tires,have power steering and power brakes, doors that open like factory,full interior and can only be street tuned-dyno tune is not available.  Specialty vehicles may include, but are not limited to, being insured under classic car insurance, classic muscle cars and trucks from the 60's, 70's, 80's and most 90's, show cars, does not have the ecu/engine/transmission that came with that particular vehicle from factory.   Aftermarket hoods,spoilers and some trim pieces are fine. Tuning prices for specialty vehicles are much higher than other vehicle tuning prices.  

All vehicles must be street legal with current registration tags to tune.

Tuning fees vary by year, make, model, and modifications and software.

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