Why our process is a step above the rest


Our tuner has been in the automotive repair business as an ASE certified technician and business owner for more than twenty years (and is currently ASE Certified until 2021).   AEM currently owns the 2WD 1100 Series Mustang Dyno used at our facility.  Our tuner understands all of the components of how a vehicle works from the mechanical to electrical to the fueling/exhaust systems.  He is highly knowledgeable about what aftermarket systems and parts will work well with your specific vehicle.  He has been diagnosing, recommending and installing aftermarket and stock parts on vehicles for more than twenty years.   He has taken many classes direct from the tuning software manufacturers for each software he uses and he teaches tuning classes to others. Because he has years of experience with  tuning, diagnostics and automotive repair, our customers benefit from all of his years of experience and knowledge for a more enhanced and comprehensive tune. 



We do not believe in the "drive-thru" philosophy of tuning a vehicle---in and out in under an hour.   We schedule each tune for a four hour block of time to allow our tuner to optimize parameters and driveability whether your vehicle is a daily driver, strictly a track car or somewhere in between.  It takes time to make sure the vehicle runs within safe parameters; therefore, the first few pulls are not about maximum rpm and wide open throttle.   Our tuner spends time on driveability in each gear, then moves on to the final part of the calibration. He makes as many pulls as he feels are necessary to dial in your vehicle. Dynamometers are used for measuring HP (horse power), torque, air fuel rations and more in a safe and controlled environment to see how your vehicle is operating and what fuel trims are calculated during steady state running, tip-in, and other needs. The tune is completed when the tuner feels the vehicle is running optimally. 


Please note that while we encourage our customers to drop their vehicle off, we realize that some may not have that luxury. We have a comfortable waiting area for our customers to relax in while their vehicle is being tuned.  Customers are not allowed in the shop area for any reason due to insurance liability reasons.


We strive to provide excellent customer service to every customer in person, by phone or through email.  We want to speak to each customer personally about his/her vehicle and the modifications, if applicable, that have been installed on the vehicle.  We want to know the customer's expectations about the end result and to let them know if his/her expectations are within reason.   Modified and tuned vehicles do not and will not drive like a stock vehicle.  We will try to address each customer's concerns and answer any questions to the best of our abilities. 



It is the customer's responsibility to bring Arizona Elite Motorsports a mechanically sound vehicle to tune (free of vacuum/boost or other leaks, mechanical issues, etc. prior to tuning).  If the customer is calling to schedule an appointment, that tells us you believe your vehicle is ready to tune.  The vehicle will be tuned for the "as is" mechanical/physical condition it was brought in.  If the vehicle tune cannot be completed for any reason during the scheduled appointment, the tune is still billed at full price and retune pricing will be available for the next appointment. It is not the job of AEM to determine if the vehicle is mechanically sound prior to, during or after completion of tune. If the customer desires any type of diagnosis, the diagnosis will be charged at the shop's hourly labor rate and the diagnosis fee will be in addition to the cost of the tune.  Please keep in mind that the tune will not correct mechanical/electrical/install issues.