Please read over the checklist prior to scheduling your appointment as it is your job to bring us a mechanically sound vehicle.

1. OIL

    Oil pressure is at proper psi

    Oil level is at proper level

    NO OIL LEAKS-repair if necessary

2.  FUEL

    One fuel-Vehicle needs at least HALF TANK of fuel

    Two fuels (example: 91 and E85) please arrive with 15-20 miles left of 91 in the vehicle and bring      with you 10 gallons of E85  ***Please call the shop for your specific needs

    Gas Gauge needs to function properly

    Fuel pressure must be at proper psi

    NO FUEL LEAKS-repair if necessary, fuel leaks can start a fire

    If using Flex Fuel-make sure you have tested the ethanol content prior to appointment


3.  VACUUM leaks

     Repair any leaks found   **any leaks small or large will affect your calibration

4.  BOOST leaks

    Repair any leaks found    **any leaks will affect your calibration


    Tire pressure should be at proper psi and Lug Nuts torqued to spec

    Tires should be in really good shape and have plenty of tread


    Coolant level is at proper level

    NO COOLANT LEAKS- repair if necessary, can cause overheating

7.  Proper alignment for road test


    Transmission fluid is at proper level

    Fluid should be in good condition

    Transmission slipping-vehicle CANNOT be Dyno tested


    Clutch slip-CANNOT DYNO

    Clutch gears grinding or missing a gear-vehicle CANNOT be Dyno tested


    Battery MUST BE at proper voltage/amps and hold a charge-DO NOT BRING A VEHICLE WITH          A DEAD BATTERY-you will be charged $150 additional to charge a battery

    A dead or inproper functioning battery can cause the ECU/PCM to fail during flashing


     *Not sure then ask what spark plugs are recommended*** and gapped


      ***SUPERCHARGED, TURBO CHARGED & NITROUS vehicles need AT LEAST ONE step colder            than stock plugs and gapped differently than stock plugs 

12.   Make sure MAF sensor is wired and working properly

13.   Make sure you have proper MAP sensor

14.   NITROUS-Make sure your NITROUS bottle is filled, bottle warmer and pressure gauge are                 functional, your window switch works-your system needs to work properly!!!!!!!

15.  BELTS

      All belts need to be in good condition 

      Make sure you do not have any belts slip-especially on boosted applications 

16.  Check Engine light on--go get a free read from any auto parts store first and let the shop know what your codes are     


We need to know about your vehicle so please look through the list and be preparted to fill in the list below:

Naturally aspirated/all motor  

Supercharged and current boost

Upper pulley size

Lower Pulley size

Turbo charged and current boost

Nitrous/ current shot



Cold Air Intake brand

Intake Manifold brand

MAF brand/size

MAP 1/2/3 bar

Speed Density



Throttle body brand and size

Fuel Injectors brand and size

Fuel Pump brand and size

Boost a pump brand

Spark Plugs brand and gap

What fuel are we tuning with today     91   E54     E85 X85L  Ignite Red  100

**$125 to drain and fill tank additional fee

Stand alone fuel system with fuel in tank

**Mustangs Only**   IMRC lock outs     yes or not





CAMSHAFT brand/specs


MOTOR size              new/rebuilt           compression                  ring gap


TRANSMISSION        auto                  manual                rear gear size


I have no emissions components my vehicle It is used solely for off-road competition use


Yes, I have all of my emissions related components          


Check Engine light on?  If so, what codes?